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Thanks for stopping by to say hi! We’re Dave & Julie, the travel activists & lifestyle consultants behind the Global Travel Boss. We are passionate about helping you create more freedom, travel more, explore destinations, and add more adventure to your life. 

We were both going through a time in our lives where we were questioning our jobs, what our passions were, and what we really wanted to do with the rest of our lives.  Our 3 daughters were only a few years away from going to college and you really start to focus on the question - Now what are we going to do? 

We know the feeling and what you’re going through. 

Maybe you’re not excited about what you went to college for in the past. You’re searching for something that you’re passionate about, but you struggle to find even that? What am I good at? What gifts, passions, and talents could I share with the world.

Our passion for over 40 years has been travel. We love the research, exploring new cultures, saving money, creating new adventures and gaining a perspective when you travel. We haven't been to all the countries we want to get to, but we will have plenty of time to explore once the girls are all off to college.

That’s why we started Global Travel Boss

We started Global Travel Boss to share our travel experiences and to help you get inspired about travel, add more freedom into your life, and step out of your comfort zone once the kids leave home.

This is what travel has done for us.

We wanted to share our experiences with other Midlife Adventures & Empty Nesters (The 45-and-better community), that you can create a life that is filled with purpose, passion, and adventure no matter what has happened to you or what your past experiences have been. It’s NEVER too late to start taking control of your own destiny, and living life on YOUR terms. Just realize there is more to life than a soul sucking 9-5 job. 

We have never believed that the old path is the only way forward in life:

  • Go to high school
  • Graduate from college
  • Get a job working for someone else. Not able to control your future. What if you lose your job at 56 like me? What do you then as far as getting a new job? It's definitely not easy.
  • Retire at 65 and start living your life


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It’s all possible if you just commit and make the decision to do so. We are here to help you gain that clarity and help inspire you to take action.

A little more about us

Besides being travel activists, we’re also freedom lovers, out of the box thinkers, beach fanatics, outdoor enthusiasts, warm weather aficionados, surfing novices, travel bloggers, Wisconsin Badger fans and Green Bay Packers owners.

There are many countries we haven't visited yet, but we are excited to start planning some of these adventures once our 3 daughters are off to college in the next few years. We'll have lots of time to travel to the locations we've always wanted to go to but didn't have the time.

We created Global Travel Boss not just to escape the ordinary and boring, but to show you that you can take control of your life, find motivation and inspiration, so you can make the midlife correction that so many of us need.

Consider The Global Travel Boss is at the intersection of travel, freedom, & adventure!

We are here to show you:

  • How to travel more and save some money along the way.
  • How to create more freedom in your life.
  • How to step out of your comfort zone once and for all.
  • How to realize there's more to life than some soul-sucking 9-5 job.

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