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9 Awesome Things To Do In Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, AL

One of the best kept secrets is that Alabama has some of the best beaches around. While it's neighbor to the east, Florida, gets all the attention, Gulf Shores is on par with all those beautiful beaches. 

Gulf Shores, and it's neighbor Orange Beach, has plenty of activities centered around the water - on beaches that span 32 miles of the pure white sand.

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6 Things To See & Do In Gatlinburg, TN

After our drive from Wisconsin, we didn’t know what to expect when we finally arrived in Gatlinburg, TN. All we knew about the town was that it was located at the base of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

This looked like the perfect stop for a fun-filled couple of days on our trip to Asheville, NC.

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Best Things To Do In Ogunquit Maine

We always wanted to visit Maine. It was on the bucket list so we included a 2 day stop to Ogunquit Maine during our recent East coast driving trip. Ogunquit is right out of a Norman Rockwell painting and the epitome of the New England summer resort town.

The perfect long weekend vacation spot, Ogunquit offers plenty to do, great restaurants, excellent accommodations, and the beauty of being right on the beach and ocean. It was definitely a great place to relax after our long drive from Wisconsin.

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9 Fun Things to Do in Grand Cayman

Whatever you’re looking for, Grand Cayman has something for everyone. From adventure, relaxation, fine dining, scuba diving and the clearest water that I have ever seen, Grand Cayman has it all. We love the island and so do many people around the world who have a second home on the island. What a great place to escape the cold and spend your winters on this cosmopolitan island. Here are 9 things to do on the island.

Scuba Diving

If you ever wanted to scuba dive, then Grand Cayman is the best place to do it. From beginners to advanced diving, the waters off Grand Cayman offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean. Popular dive sites include the wreck of the USS Kittiwake, Devil’s Grotto, Sunset Point, and Babylon.

If you want to try scuba diving for the first time, make sure you try Living the Dream Divers.  They are excellent for first-time divers and we really enjoyed our dive with them. They have all the equipment you need. All you need is your swimsuit. We dove to 40 feet and saw lobster, stingrays, and colorful fish.

Stingray City

One of the most popular things to in Grand Cayman is a trip to Stingray City. This collection of shallow sandbars features southern stingrays that have been fed by local fishermen for decades. You can pet and interact with them in the shallow water. You can give them a kiss too!

It takes a few minutes to get used to them swimming around you, but it doesn’t take long to get comfortable in the water. Make sure you take a snorkel with you and swim with them under the water.

Starfish Point

When making your trip to Stingray City, make sure you include Starfish Point as part of your trip package. It is well worth the stop. This secluded beach with shallow, clear water is located on the north side of the island. It features plenty of starfish for you to view and pick up but don’t take them out of the water for more than a few seconds. Just enough time to take a great picture.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach was named one of the best beaches in the region by Caribbean Travel + Life, and the 4th best beach in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor.  The white sand, great restaurants, several fun beach bars, and many activities to choose from, Seven Mile Beach is one of the main reasons people come to Grand Cayman.

This was the view from our condo. It’s hard to beat this white sand and crystal clear, turquoise water.

Rum Point

You can either to a 45-minute drive to Rum Point or take the 20-minute ferry from Cabana Bay to Rum Point. The ferry ride is a great way to get out on the water. Located on the north side of the island, Rum Point features the Kaibo Restaurant and is the perfect sunset and dinner spot on the island.

Bioluminescence Tour

Before our Cayman’s trip, I had never heard of a bioluminescence tour. This is a phenomenon caused by single-celled planktons called donoflagellates that give off a bright light when they are disturbed in the water. Check out this short video clip from NatGeo showing this here: 


We lowered ourselves into the water and the plankton came alive. We waved our feet and hands around and the bright lights came to life in the water. This was truly a unique experience.

2 Great Places to Eat

Sunshine Grill

The Sunshine Grill was rated the #1 rated restaurant on Grand Cayman. On our last visit, we ate here 2 times. The food is excellent, great service and reasonable prices. We had the award-winning fish tacos, quesadillas, and Angus burgers. The Sunshine Grill serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t forget to try one of their island specialty drinks.


We had breakfast at Cimboco and it was excellent. This Caribbean style restaurant features some of the best meals on the island. Our portions were very generous and the staff was wonderful. The Wacky Waffles were warm waffles served with house compote, syrup & whipped cream.

The Wacky Waffles were warm waffles served with fruit, syrup & whipped cream.

A Trip to Hell

No trip to Grand Cayman is complete without a trip to Hell. When the cruise ships dock in Grand Cayman, you will see many bus tours heading to the famous tourist stop. It’s a great photo stop and you can mail your postcards from the Hell Post Office. Make sure you check out the unique rock formations that are estimated to be 10-15 million years old. Once you visit, you can now say you’ve been to Hell and back.

We love Grand Cayman and look forward to our next trip there.



Planning a Trip to Grand Cayman

For even more tips and information when planning a trip to Grand Cayman, visit their website. You can also be added to their newsletter, get local tips, plan your trip, and explore the best Grand Cayman experiences.

Contact us if you need any further information on Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. We’d like to help you have an awesome trip to this beautiful area of the U.S.

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